Michèle Geoffrion

Physical therapist

Michèle Geoffrion earned her physical therapy degree from McGill University in 1986. The following year, she got involved into pediatrics and since 1994, she has been working in the rheumatology field and is presently the only physical therapist of her team. Consequently, most of her clients are living with inflammatory diseases. She has also been working in pediatric orthopedics for many years. Over all this time, she has participated in a few research projects in the orthopedics and rheumatology fields.

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Demystifying Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis

In this presentation, we will address childhood arthritis, one of the most common forms of chronic disease in children. We will specifically explain the different kinds of childhood arthritis. Participants will learn about the diagnosis process, what differentiates the disease from other types of arthritis that affect adults, and will learn about the potential complications of childhood arthritis. We will offer an overview of available pharmaceutical and non-pharmaceutical treatments. Physical therapist Michèle Geoffrion will discuss the importance of the multidisciplinary approach and will discuss the role of physical therapy in disease management.


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