Réjean Lemay


Réjean Lemay completed his pharmacy studies at Laval University in 1985 and did his residency as a hospital pharmacist at Hôtel-Dieu in Quebec City. Lemay, who got his M.B.A. at HEC Montréal in 1992, was chief of the pharmacy departments of the Montreal Chest Institute (1985–1989), the Montreal Children’s Hospital and the Shriners Hospital (1995–1998). After having worked for the pharmaceutical industry for some time, while never giving up his community pharmacist practice, he decided to return as a full-time pharmacist in 2009 and is now the owner of a pharmacy in Brownsburg-Chatham. Lemay is a lecturer, tutor and associate clinician at the University of Montreal’s faculty of pharmacy.

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Médicaments biologiques et arthrite inflammatoire

La conférence portera sur les agents biologiques dans le traitement des diverses formes d’arthrite inflammatoire. Nous aborderons les grands principes d’utilisation de ces médicaments, et la gestion et la prévention des effets secondaires. Un bref aperçu des produits biologiques ultérieurs (PBU) sera aussi présenté.

(This conference is presented in French)


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